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Ace Kit 1104

DS1104 PPC Controller Board

Cost-effective development system for rapid control prototyping.

Components of ACE Kit 1104

  • Single-board hardware: DS1104 R&D Controller Board
  • Implementation software: Real-Time Interface (RTI) and Microtec C Compiler
  • Experiment software: ControlDesk Standard and MLIB/MTRACE

Application Areas
The real-time hardware based on PowerPC technology and its set of I/O interfaces makes the board an ideal solution for developing controllers in various application fields. RTI provides Simulink ® blocks for convenient configuration of A/D, D/A, digital I/O lines, incremental encoder interface and PWM generation, and others.

Working with the Controller Board
When you work with your controller board, you want easy access to all its input and output signals. One way is to combine the DS1104 with a tailored connector panel or connector/LED panel, so you can easily access I/O signals via BNC and Sub-D connectors. The connector/LED combi panels contain additional LED panels that indicate the current level of a board&##39;s digital signals.




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